CCTV to tackle dog fouling in Brandywell

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue has welcomed the news that following a meeting with Council officials and the Dog Warden that an agreement has been reached to install CCTV in the area of the Lecky Road and off streets to try and catch those responsible for letting their dogs foul the area. 

Councillor Logue who has been campaigning on this issue for many years said  

“I have been involved in many initiatives over the years to try and get this issue of dog fouling in our communities addressed. This has been done through public health awareness campaigns, numerous media interviews on the issue ,the installation of dog waste bins throughout the Moor ward. But sadly, even with all that some people have a blatant disregard and are not cleaning up after their pets. 

“It is  very sad that we have had to go to the extremes of installing CCTV to try and catch those responsible for not heeding these appeals. 

“There is not a day passes that I and other elected representatives are contacted by constituents concerned about dog fouling right outside their front doors and obvious health hazards that it brings.   

“I would once again make another appeal for pet owners to not let their dogs stray and to pick their waste up after them. 

“As we progress this initiative forward, I will be meeting again with Council Officers, residents and the Bogside and Brandywell Neighbourhood Management Team to see how we can deal with this collectively.