Chieftains Walk memento unveiled

The Martin McGuinness Peace Foundation has unveiled the special memento that everyone signing up to this year’s Chieftains Walk will receive. 

The bespoke individual tribute will include a keepsake reflecting the Martin McGuinness Peace Foundation logo and a scroll featuring poetry by and about him. 

A spokesperson for the Foundation said: “Just like previous years, this will be a unique memento for everyone who registers to take part. 

“Obviously, only so many are being produced so signing up for the Chieftains Walk is the only way to get this special souvenir. 

“All proceeds from the Chieftains Walk will go to the Foundation’s work in promoting Martin’s legacy so whether you are able to take part on the day or not, we would still encourage as many people as possible to sign up to support this work and to ensure you receive your memento.” 


Registration costs £10 and you can sign up at: