Christmas parking nightmare for Bogside residents

 Christmas parking nightmare for Bogside residents

Sinn Féin MLA Pádraig Delargy has said it is vital that a solution is found to parking problems in around areas of the Bogside. 

 The Foyle MLA was appealing to drivers to consider residents when parking in the area ahead of the busy Christmas period. 

 Pádraig Delargy said: 

 “I appealed a few weeks ago for motorists to think about local residents if they are parking in the area and the impact that it would have on them. I have been contacted again over the past few days by residents asking me to make a public appeal through the media about parking as we enter the busy Christmas rush period .  

“Even being in the area for a short while you see and hear from residents the impact the parking issues are having on them and their families. 

 “It’s an absolute nightmare at the best of times and this will only increase in the final weeks leading up to Christmas with people parking their cars here before heading into the city centre.   

 “I am asking people to be mindful of the concerns of residents when parking outside their homes. 

 “It’s not uncommon at busy times of the year to see vehicles parked on junctions, footpaths and blocking the entrance to homes.