Claudy Village needs to be designated as a town

Faughan Sinn Féin representative Conor Heaney has written to the Permanent Secretary of the Department of the Environment, Agriculture and Rural Affairs pushing for Claudy to be redesignated as a town. 

Conor Heaney said: “Claudy has a population of 1566 which is well within the criteria to be designated as a town of over 1000. In addition almost 26% of Claudy’s population is aged under 16 so it is a growing population.

“Designation as a town would heighten Claudy’s status in regional development planning and could lead to increased investment by government departments as well as within Council strategies. Claudy needs infrastructure and parking improvements as well as increased facilities for this growing population and being designated as a town could help deliver this.

Conor Heaney concluded: “I have now written to the Permanent Secretary to press this case.”