Clean sweep for Rosemount and the Strand -Cooper

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper has congratulated the massive amount of work done by Derry City Council contractors to carry out a clean-up of private mews lanes in Rosemount and Lower Strand area.


Councillor Cooper said DSC_0043


I had received a high number of complaints from residents about the state of the laneways with request to see what could be done to do a major clean up.


After direct talks with officials from Derry City Council agreed to facilitate the clean up.



I’m now asking any residents who do not have keys for their news gates to contact me (07743175709) so I can arrange new copies to ensure the gates are kept closed at appropriate times-this will ensure further fly tipping and dog fouling is prevented.


It’s also important that once this work has been completed that residents play their part in the maintenance of keeping the lanes in their current good condition.


The council have only done this as a good will gesture and do not have normal powers to clean mews lanes in private streets.


I am aware of several properties in Rosemount which are still dumping in their mews lanes even after the clean-up has taken place. They should expect a visit from council officials as its totally unacceptable a small minority involve themselves in illegal dumping.