‘Clear and growing demand for marriage equality’ – O’Neill

Sinn Féin Leas Uachtarán Michelle O’Neill MLA has said there is a clear and growing demand for marriage equality and rights for all in our society. Speaking after attending Saturdays   Love Equality rally in Belfast, Michelle O’Neill said: 

“It was great to see thousands of people coming out on to the streets of Belfast once again in support of marriage equality.”The contribution by Sarah Canning, the partner of Lyra McKee was moving and powerful.”Society is changing north and south; no more should couples who are in love be denied the right to get married.”The message today has been loud and clear. People want equality and rights for all.

They want a modern society, an inclusive society and Sinn Féin is very proud to march with them and campaign for the delivery of those rights.

“I want to commend the organisers of today’s march for putting together a welcoming and inclusive event. They sent solidarity to others in society, to Irish language speakers, the victims of institutional abuse and victims of the conflict and to women campaigning for appropriate and compassionate healthcare services.

“They want an end to the denial of rights enjoyed by citizens everywhere else in these islands.”And today’s march and rally was supported by all the progressive political parties who support an end to the Tory government and the DUP’s denial of rights.

“We’re currently engaged in a fresh round of political talks and I believe we can resolve the outstanding rights issues and establish an Executive which is credible, sustainable and free from DUP financial scandals.”Sinn Féin wants a local assembly to make decisions on the implementation of those rights. 

“In the absence of an Executive and assembly we have called on the two governments to work through the British Irish intergovernmental conference to ensure that citizens here have an equivalence of rights.”