Clear that British government has no strategy on Brexit – Anderson

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has said it is clear the British government has no clear plan or strategy on Brexit.
Martina Anderson said:

Sinn Fein Member of the European Parliament Martina Anderson.
“The fact that the Tory Brexit secretary, David Davis, has admitted that the British government has not carried out any impact assessments on the consequences of Brexit on the economy shows the chaos they are in.
“Eighteen months on from the EU referendum, the fact that the Tories still do not have a clear idea of what they are doing should be astonishing, but unfortunately it isn’t to those of us who have been involved in this process.
“It is clear the British government have not even done the basics on Brexit so how can they expect to handle complex negotiations, let alone plan for the future.
“And if the Tories have shown this level of disregard for the British economy then we can guess how little thought they have put into the concerns of the people of the north of Ireland.
“David Davis may not have done his homework but we have. We know how Brexit will impact jobs, trade, health, energy, and agriculture.
“David Davis has seldom visited the north and has no concept of the concerns of people living in border areas on Brexit. He can’t simply ignore those concerns.
“The best way to protect the Good Friday Agreement, the right of citizens and the interests of people in the north from all this chaos is to secure special status for the north within the EU.” Ends/Críoch