Cllr Mellon condemns Galliagh unrest.

Sinn Féin Councillor Aileen Mellon has strongly condemned  disturbances in Galliagh over the past few nights.
 Councillor Mellon said:
Over the past few nights along with community activists and others I have been on the streets in an attempt to prevent the anti-community activity that we, unfortunately, witness too often in our community.
“The last few nights have seen destruction on and around our community of Galliagh.
Large groups of young people, many from right across the City have been gathering with petrol bombs and fireworks resulting in shops and property being damaged, and residents traumatised.

“There is neither an excuse or place for this behaviour on our streets. Everyone has the opportunity to become part of the community and contribute to the solution to the needs of the residents instead of this mindless destruction and intimidation of your neighbours. 
“Tonight, I am calling for calm in the area, for those involved in this anti-community activity to reflect on the damaging impact of your behaviour.

“Galliagh people are better than what we have witnessed over recent nights and we will not allow a minority to destroy the life of our comm