‘Collaborative approach to justice needed’ – McCartney

Sinn Féin Justice spokesperson Raymond McCartney has called for a collaborative approach within the justice system to radically improve the service.

raymond mccartney

The Foyle MLA was speaking after an Audit Office report criticised the system, pointing out that court cases here take twice as long to complete and cost significantly more than cases in England and Wales.

Raymond McCartney said: “The auditor has said there needs to be a step change in how justice is delivered here and that is clearly the case.

“It is unacceptable that only 57% of trials proceeded on their scheduled date in 2016. This leads to delays for victims, defendants, witnesses and staff as well as excessive cost to the public purse.

“In order to address that, leaders and managers in the justice system must work together to implement a truly collaborative model of service delivery.

“There are areas of good practice within the system but what is required now is a genuine commitment to replicate this throughout. There also must be a specific focus on the service users’ experience and a concerted effort to address any weaknesses as soon as they are identified.”