Committee Report on Irish Unity shows urgency of planning for reunification – McCallion

Sinn Féin MP Elisha McCallion has welcomed the publication of a report on Irish unity in Leinster House today.

The Foyle MP said:

“I welcome the publication of today’s report from the Good Friday Agreement Committee. elisha1

“Among several of its recommendations it calls on the Irish government to pro-actively plan and prepare for the reunification of Ireland.

“The report also cites the role the EU would play in assisting that plan in the event of the people of the North voting for it in a unity border poll by calling on the EU to allow the people of the north to be admitted automatically to the EU without the necessity of an application process.

“The report is written in the new circumstances created by the impact of Brexit on the Irish economy North and South.

“The report also calls for the establishment of a second New Ireland Forum so all shades of political opinion can express their views on how to move peacefully from where we are now to a new reunified Ireland.

“The launch of today’s report makes the case for the need for a Joint-Oireachtas Committee on Irish Unity much more compelling.

“The establishment of such a Committee would further research, develop and utilise the detail collated in today’s report and also help action and scrutinise Government obligations on planning for Unity within the context of both the Good Friday Agreement and the negative ramifications of Brexit.”