Community anger over theft of grit boxes in Creggan -Campbell

There is anger in the Creggan area of Derry  after a number of grit boxes have been stolen or damaged beyond repair.

kevin campbell

Local Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell said:

“In the midst of the last very cold spell in December Apex Housing Association provided a number of grit boxes and grit for Ballymagowan and Magowan Park. The Triax Neighbourhood Management Team who work at the allotment site in that area took on the task of making sure that the boxes were replenished and the area gritted.

However over the last number of weeks two grit boxes have been stolen and a third damaged.  I find this shocking especially when people are fearful of the coming cold spell and the implications for road safety. And the likes of Ambulances and essential services getting in and out of the area.

These boxes are a lifeline for people being able to grit in and around their homes to prevent accidents .The last thing anyone wants to discover is that the boxes have been stolen or damaged.

There is anger in the local community about these latest incidents.

I am appealing to people to leave the boxes alone, they serve a very important purpose in the community and should not be used for people’s selfish gains.