“Compassionate human rights compliant approach to healthcare /decriminalisation of abortion”-Duffy

Sinn Féin group leader on DCSDC Councillor Sandra Duffy is to bring forward a motion to the monthly council meeting this week welcoming the  ‘yes’ vote to Repeal the 8th Amendment in the 26 Counties  and endorsing legislative reform, 

Councillor Duffy said

“The issue of abortion is a very sensitive one. It’s an emotive issue. It’s an issue that demands compassion. But it’s also obvious that current legislation north and south is failing women and the status quo is untenable. So it’s an issue we have to deal with but we have a responsibility to do so in a compassionate and caring manner.

“The result in the Repeal the 8th referendum delivered positive change and will help to create a society which is more compassionate and caring and which at its core trusts women.

“Sinn Féin played a leading role in the debate and in the campaign to Repeal the 8th Amendment.

“Those appropriate, modern and compassionate healthcare services for women must be available for all women in Ireland, north and south.

“So, it’s time for change. Therefore, Sinn Féin supports legislative change in the north. The first step in this process must be to end the criminalisation of women and through the repeal of Sections 58 & 59 of the archaic Offences Against the Person Act 1861.

“That legislative change should be developed through an informed and respectful debate in which families and medical professionals can share their sometimes harrowing experiences and know that they are being listened to.”