Concern after packages of drugs found -Duffy

Sinn Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy has called on parents in the greater Shantallow and Galliagh areas to warn their children about the dangers of lifting packages in the street that may contain drugs.  

 She was speaking after residents found a number of packages of drugs and suspected cannabis-based sweets hidden in a local garden at the weekend. 

 Councillor Duffy  said “I was contacted by a constituent who asked me to put out a public warning through the media that these packages were found in a local garden.  

“One was a large packet containing tablets  and other suspected cannabis-based sweets, I understand that this has been reported to the PSNI and the packages handed over. 

“They had genuine concerns a child would have found them or that someone’s pet would eat them and cause harm to the animal.   

“Sadly in 2021  it’s not unusual for such packages to be found on our city’s streets, with this in mind I think it is very important that parents tell their children not to lift these packages and  explain about how dangerous they can be and the same warning for pet owners to be on the alert.