Concern after violent attack in the Waterside -Jackson

Derry Sinn Féin Councillor Christopher Jackson commenting after a vicious attack in the Bond Street area of the Waterside early this morning  during which a number of men received injuries .


Councillor Jackson said 

“This was a violent attack and there is shock across the Waterside community on hearing this news emerging.

“I am also  very concerned that the PSNI are exploring a potential link to loyalist paramilitaries in this attack. I have been warning for some time now about the actions of these groups in the Waterside.

“I have raised concerns about ongoing criminality in the Waterside  and the involvement of loyalist paramilitaries in attacks on property, homes and people.

“There needs to be a sustained policing effort to tackle the scourge of paramilitary intimidation and violence and its effect on public confidence.

he went on to say 

 ““It is long past time that all paramilitary organisations left the stage. They are not wanted. They are not supported. There is no rationale for their existence.