Concern over Derry crime wave -McCartney

Sinn Féins Raymond McCartney said DSC_6528

In February I had a meeting with senior members of the PSNI in the city to discuss what can only be described as a car crime epidemic.

The activity isn’t confined to just one location, it covers a wide area from Culmore to the Northlands district.

Sadly since my meeting with the PSNI the problem has escalated.

There isn’t a weekend goes past now that a number of cars are being stolen and we are increasingly seeing the problems of so called run-around cars. We are seeing evidence that some of these cars are being sold on to young people for as little as £20 a vehicle.

There have also been a high number of burglaries ,attempted car thefts, cars being broken into, cars being driven at high speed placing motorists, pedestrians and now even residents in their own homes in great danger.

It’s of paramount importance that the PSNI tackle this as a matter of urgency and put in place whatever steps and resources are needed before we have a fatality on our hands.