Concern over door to door sales of high end goods –Logue

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue has urged people in  Derry who feel under pressure to sign up to contracts to buy high end electrical goods being offered  by door to door sales persons to  ensure that they seek advice straight away ,find out the full details ,payments costs and check the cooling off period before the contract starts.Patricia Logue new pic 22

She said “I was contacted by residents in the Bogside concerned about high end electrical goods being offered by door to door sale persons and being asked to sign up to contracts  to pay for the goods over a number of years.

They have claimed  that the process involved the sales person being in their home for a number of hours and they felt under pressure to sign up to contracts to buy goods and didn’t fully understand the outworkings of it.

We are not talking about small priced items but items costing thousands of pounds which I believe are well out of the  reach for people living in the area. In fact I was quite shocked when I heard the price of some of the goods on offer.

I would urge anyone who finds themselves or a family member in a similar situation to check all the small print straight away and if they are not satisfied by what they have signed up to, to immediately contact the Consumer Council and the Councils trading standards officer straight away.