Concern over missing dog fouling boxes in Culmore

Sinn Féin Councillor for the Culmore area Sandra Duffy has contacted the Council to ascertain why a number of dog waste bins have been removed from along the Point Road and not been replaced.

sandra duffy


Councillor Duffy said “A number of local residents who walk their pets along the Point Road in Culmore contacted me to see if I could find out why several of dog waste bins in the area had been removed.

“This is a very popular area for dog walkers so they are vitally important for the upkeep of the area.


“The Council have come back to say that they will investigate what has happened here and get them reinstalled.


“It’s important that these boxes are replaced as soon as possible. As local health spokesperson for the party I know the importance of these bins in taking hazardous waste of our roads and footpaths which can lead to serious health issues.