Concern over state of the Racecourse Road at Ballyarnett –Duffy

Sinn Féin Councillor for the Ballyarnet area Sandra Duffy has called on Transport NI to carry out urgent resurfacing work on the Racecourse Road at Ballyarnett.

Councillor Duffy said

sandra duffy

“While we all have been inundated with reports of dangerous potholes across the City, the Racecourse Road from the Ballyarnett roundabout to the Arden Road is in a particularly bad.

This stretch of road has seen much activity over the past number of months with an energy company  digging up the road to lay gas pipes, then with the cold weather this road has become a patchwork of dangerous potholes. I have been inundated by local residents who have complained about damage to their cars suspension and tire blow outs as a result of hitting these potholes.

It is my view that a patch up of this road will only be a short term solution as potholes that were fixed before Christmas have  now reopened larger and more dangerous than before.

I have now written to TransportNI and have voiced my concerns and those of local residents and have asked that a full assessment of the state of the road be carried out, with a view to carrying out urgent resurfacing work.