Concern over timeframe of Pot Hole repairs -Fleming

Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Fleming has expressed concern about the length of time it takes for pot hole repairs.


Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Fleming said


I was contacted  by a resident who lives on the Gortscreagan Road just outside Park.


He came upon a car which had hit a pothole .The lady driver and her child were badly shaken up by the experience.


I immediately logged the complaint about the pothole in the system but I have concerns over the length of time it could take getting some pot holes repaired. And i have asked  Transport NI if they have a  priority list or is it just if they are in the area that its fixed.


My party colleague Tony Hassan has also been dealing with complaints about dangerous pot holes in Culmore and the Shantallow area.


Pot holes can cause motorists to swerve or change direction in order to avoid doing damage to their car. This means potentially endangering other motorists and pedestrians. Furthermore pot holes can mean costly repairs for car owners in a financial climate that they can ill afford.