Concern over unknown dangers of brown bins danger to family pets – Duffy

Sinn Féin Environmental spokesperson Councillor Sandra Duffy has urged householders in the Derry area to ensure that the lid on their brown waste bins are firmly closed at all times and that around the rims of the lid are  cleaned after each disposal. She made her call after a local pet was left severely  ill  after eating the contents of a brown bin which is believed to have contained mycotoxins.

Councillor Duffy said “I was shocked at the weekend to see a local family pet seriously ill after eating the contents of a brown waste bin. The dog took sick after eating the mouldy food which is believed to have contained mycotoxins which have severe effects on the nervous system.

As a dog owner myself this is something that I never thought about until I seen this case. When I looked at the situation around the brown bins I also found other cases where family pets had died after licking toxins from empty bins as well.

It’s important that we encourage more people to use the brown bins for getting rid of food waste and also that there is more education around looking after the bins. I urge all householders in Derry to ensure that the lid is firmly shut on their brown bins and that they are cleaned after each disposal.