Concern suspected hazardous materials found at Tullyally bonfire site -Jackson

Sinn Féin Waterside Councillor Christopher Jackson commenting after it has been reported  that  suspected hazardous materials  have been found on a bonfire site in the Tullyally area of Derry.

Councillor Jackson said “This is a very worrying development.

“I am concerned  its been reported  suspected hazardous materials  have been found at a bonfire site in the Tullyally area of Derry. We all know the dangers of such materials .They have the ability to linger in the air even after a fire has been extinguished. Anyone surrounding it is at risk of  exposure that  may lead to serious health problems.

“Everyone is entitled to their culture but with that comes with  responsibilities, especially around the issue of bonfires.”I am calling on  those responsible for organising the bonfire to ensure that it is free from hazardous materials ,to ensure the safety of both residents and the young people involved in collecting and building the bonfire.Ends