Concerns no funding to replace play features at the popular Jon Clifford – Bull Park

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue has contacted Derry City and Strabane District Council requesting an assessment of play equipment provision in Jon Clifford -Bull Park. 

Her call comes after being informed by the DCSDC that there is no funding to replace several pieces of damaged children’s play equipment at the popular park. 

Councillor Patricia Logue said  

“The local community campaigned and lobbied hard for many years for this popular park to be redeveloped. This is a great facility right in the heart of the area with the children’s play park being central to that. It is also used by local schools and youth clubs.

“I have been contacted by users of the park asking me to lobby for a number of damage features in the play park that have been removed to be replaced. The Council have confirmed to me they are currently reviewing all play provision and looking at how they plan to schedule upgrades for play areas like Jon Clifford -Bull Park. But they have also told me that there is no budget for replacement of equipment in the short term. 

“I feel we need to explore all options to ensure that all play features at this park are kept. As the local representative I will be doing all I can to ensure this happens. 

“This park is well looked after and maintained by the Council and residents; we cannot afford to lose facilities here nor let all the good work done over the years slide back.