Concerns over 5000 people in Foyle could lose their vote –McCallion

Sinn Féin Councillor Elisha McCallion has said that there is real concern in the city and district that over 5000 people could be taken off the electoral register in the Foyle constituency.

Her concerns come after it was revealed the Electoral Office is carrying out a review of the live electoral register across the North.

Councillor McCallion said “We have seen in the past when the Electoral Office carries out such review that thousands of people come off the register unless they reply to the correspondence sent out. Once this happens it can be very difficult to get people back on the register.

People are only too aware of the struggle and sacrifice made down the years  by the ordinary man and woman to win the right to vote.  At different times in history, depending on gender, race, religion or social class whole sections of society have been excluded from this most basic of democratic rights.  Here in Ireland, particularly in Derry, we are  only too aware of what it has meant to be denied the right to vote.

“There are very real possibilities that many people in the city will be disenfranchised and that this will further impact those who do not appear on the register in terms of availing of credit and mortgages services for example.

 “I would urge everyone in Derry to complete their forms in full. Anyone who does not send back their forms will be removed.If anyone has  difficulty in completing their forms they  should call the Electoral Office in Queen Street or their local Sinn Féin office for advice and assistance.”