Concerns over discarded plastic gloves during COVID19 -Logue

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue has appealed to the public in Derry to be careful when deposing of plastic gloves.

She raised her concerns after being contacted by people worried with the current COVID19 that people are throwing away plastic gloves in public areas and the obvious risks this is causing and hazards this is presents for anyone coming into contact of these gloves or for family pets and wildlife.

Cllr Logue said “I was contacted at the weekend by people who were using the walkway along the riverfront at Foyle Road and they were shocked to see a number of pairs of these plastic gloves had been discarded there.

“Its very worrying that people are discarding the gloves in this way. These gloves should be disposed of safely and securely , not dumped along busy walkways. This is presenting dangers to  children who may lift them or the likes of family pets and wildlife along the River Foyle. That’s not including the potential of passing on contamination that may be on the gloves.

“In the midst of the COVID19 I am appealing to people in the city to use common sense and dispose of these gloves in a safe manner that doesn’t put anyone in risk or accelerate this pandemic.

“Stay safe and be sensible.