Concerns over incidents at outbuildings close to Creggan -Campbell

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has urged parents to be vigilant that their teenager children  are not getting caught up in incidents in the vicinity of old out buildings close to the Creggan Estate.

He was speaking after being contacted by concerned parents from Creggan who worried about the personal safety and wellbeing of the young people involved.

Councillor Campbell said “Last summer we had a number of incidents in the vicinity of these outbuildings. Young people damaged  a fence beside High Park to gain access to the field.

This was subsequently having a knock on nuisance affect  to local residents with large groups of young people outside their homes late at night.

The Housing Executive has repaired the fence on a number of occasions but it is still getting vandalised.

Sadly we have got reports from parents this week that young people are once again congregating around these buildings at nightime and getting up to all sorts of carryon including underage drinking.

I don’t need to spell out the serious dangers and child protection issues in all this.

I am appealing to parents to check that their children are not  getting caught up in all this activity.