Confirmation of A2 meeting – Cooper

Sinn Féin Councillor Michael Cooper has welcomed confirmation from the Department for Infrastructure that they are to hold a further public information session on proposals for the dualling of the A2 Buncrana Road route. He said he was confident that the revised plans would remove the concerns of residents of Farren Park and Ardnashee around proposals for a through road in their area.

The event will take place between 11am and 9pm on Tuesday 26th March.

Councillor Cooper said “I have been lobbying the Department for Infrastructure for a number of months to host a further public info session on A2 plans. They have now confirmed to me that the meeting will take place on Tuesday 26th March in Da Vinci’s Hotel between the hours of 11am and 9pm.

“I have also been heavily lobbying the department to remove proposals for a through road at Ardnashee and Farren Park. Residents were extremely concerned that this would see unprecedented levels of traffic in the area and concerns for the safety of local residents, in particular the children living in the area. I am very confident that the revised drawings will  take into account these concerns which will give residents comfort.

“The event on the 26th is just the latest stage in the process of finalising plans for the entire A2 route. The department will take the comments of residents on board at the event to further inform their plans for the route. This will mean that the department will be shovel ready once funding becomes available for construction”