Consultation on Residents’ Parking Scheme in the BogsidE-Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has welcomed the news that a formal consultation on plans to introduce a Residents’ Parking Scheme in the Bogside area of Derry has opened.

patricia logue colly kelly

local Councillor Colly Kelly said “ It’s quite staggering the length of time we have been campaigning  for a  residents parking scheme in the Bogside . The issue has constantly been caught up in red tape.And as you  see here this morning there are cars parked everywhere even on the footpaths and  junctions.This cant continue.

I would urge as many local residents as possible to take part in the public consultation.


It’s vital that residents have their voices heard and that we get this scheme right from the outset and form a template that hopefully can be used in other areas of the city affected by chronic parking problems.