Cooper proposal on “Stitch in Time” sign backed by the Council

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper has welcomed that his proposal to retain the Stitch in Time sign on the roof of Rosemount Factory after essential repairs are carried out was accepted at a meeting of full council yesterday. He said a lot of discussions had taken in place over the last week to bring us to this point:

Councillor Cooper said

“I am delighted that the discussions that I have had with the council and local cultural groups allowed me to bring a proposal to the council which will see a report brought back to committee outlining what needs to be done to get the sign repaired and retained on the roof.

“There will also be further discussions with the buildings landlord, the Department for Communities and the commissioning artist Artichoke to ensure there is full agreement going forward on how this will be achieved.

“I am sure that former shirt factory workers and the local community will be delighted that the sign will now remain on site as a tribute to the shirt factory workers and also as the only piece of public art in the Outer West area”