Cooper to bring motion calling for immediate expulsion of the Israeli ambassador.

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper is to bring a motion to the monthly meeting of Derry City and Strabane District Council this week calling for the immediate expulsion by the Irish government of the Israeli ambassador.

Councillor Cooper said “The international community has watched in outrage as Palestinians taking part in legitimate protests in Gaza were attacked by the Israeli military, who fired thousands of rounds indiscriminately at the demonstrators. More than 20 people have been murdered, and over 1,500 wounded.

The international community has consistently failed to defend the rights of the Palestinian people who face flagrant human rights abuses on a daily basis. In the wake of this latest massacre, too many remain silent. Israel must be held accountable for this atrocity.

For the older generation in Derry, the accounts given by the Israeli Army and its apologists sound remarkably similar to the version of events given by the British Army after Bloody Sunday.

We feel it is vital that the international community uses whatever means possible to show their contempt at the actions of the Israeli army and the defence of these actions by the Israeli government.

This motion calls for the immediate expulsion by the Irish government of the Israeli ambassador.

An Taoiseach, should make clear to Israel that Ireland deplores the actions of their military in killing protesters, that Ireland stands with the people of Palestine and that Ireland recognises the state of Palestine.