Cooper welcomes £1m City of Culture legacy funding

Sinn Féin Councillor and local Tour Guide, Mickey Cooper has welcomed the latest tranche of funding from the Culture Minister, Carál NiChuilín, towards City of Culture legacy projects.

Councillor Mickey Cooper
Councillor Mickey Cooper
Councillor Cooper said:
“This latest  £1 million funding announcement will be welcomed by all of those involved in projects evolving from Derry’s City of Culture experience.
“The funding has been made available by the Minister in keeping with her pledge to assist in building on the legacy of the City of Culture. It is now incumbent on all of those involved in legacy projects to ensure that we get the maximum benefit from this funding for those for whom it is intended – the young people in the most disadvantaged areas.
“It is reassuring that Ministers NíChuilín and O’Dowd’s Departments are collaborating in this project to deliver programmes that will highlight the advantages of continuing education as well as provision for projects that will allow our youth to reach their full potential in arts, culture, creative industry and multi-media pathways. 
“This increased upskilling in STEM subjects will also increase the opportunities of our young people to step-up to further and Higher Education in line with the city’s ambition to expand the Magee Campus and NWRC.
“This funding, based on the cultural hubs concept which Sinn Féin  has been promoting with DCAL to advance across community areas and to  make the North West become a highly attractive location for employers in the digital economy.”