Cooper welcomes Rosemount improvement schemes

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper has welcomed the news that a number of improvement schemes are to take place in the Rosemount area in the  weeks and months ahead.


Councillor Cooper said

Councillor Mickey Cooper
Councillor Mickey Cooper


“I have been dealing with a number of issues in the Rosemount area over recent weeks. The lane at the rear of Baldrick Crescent is in a bad state so I have asked the Housing Executive to send in the Ground Maintenance team to look at the lanes and get them cleaned as required. There is also a problem with weeds growing from Housing Executive properties but this is a  tenant’s responsibility, and I am looking at various option to see something can be done in this regard . A number of damaged walls in the area which were very unsightly will also be restored by the Housing Executive  in the coming weeks’


I welcome the news that subject to funding there is an External Cyclical Maintenance Scheme planned for Rosemount area (Academy Rd, Daly Cres, Forest Park, Meadowview Crescent, Rosemount Gardens) for April 2017.  This scheme will include the cleaning of roofs/ gutters and other  painting, fencing, replacement of external doors etc.  This scheme will be surveyed a couple of months before it goes on site by the consultant’s office and work will be carried out dependent on the condition of the properties’