Cooper welcomes SDLP support for call to end all forms of academic selection

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper has welcomed support from the SDLP to an amendment to a motion at the local monthly council meeting which now means Derry City and Strabane District Council is opposed to all forms of academic selection.

Councillor Cooper said

“I am delighted that the SDLP supported my amendment to their motion on education cuts at this month’s council meeting .As a result our council is now officially opposed to all forms of academic selection-something which was long overdue.

“The damage being caused to our young people’s health by having to face the pressures of these tests cannot and should not be tolerated in a caring society.

“School transfer tests continue to drive educational inequality and are a barrier to parental choice.

“The late Martin McGuinness as Education Minister showed great leadership in abolishing the 11 plus to establish a transfer system based upon parental choice.

“Despite this, many schools continued to select and reject children based on an unregulated test system.

“That needs to end because the evidence is overwhelming that academic selection and rejection is damaging for children and damaging for the education syste