Cooper welcomes start to construct new layby on Academy Road

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper has welcomed the news that work has begun on building a new layby on Academy Road to allow vehicles to be parked off road, which will improve the sight lines when cars are exiting Northland Way and hopefully reduce illegal parking.

Hayleigh Fleming at Academy Road

He said a number of meetings have taken place to address parking issues affecting a large area of Academy Road and the  Northland Estate.

Councillor Cooper said

“This is great news for the local residents. I and my party colleague Hayleigh Fleming have been working very hard to try and find solutions to the problems faced by residents in Academy Road and the Northland Estate by inconsiderate parking.

“There have been ongoing issues with cars parking in the Academy Road and Northland Way area preventing residents from being able to get parked outside their own homes. There have also been a number of cars parking and causing obstructions at junctions.

“Hayleigh has met with Department of Infrastructure/Roads Service in Academy Road and spoke with local residents.  And she has also organised a meeting with Roads Service, PSNI, North West Regional College and Magee University to look at working together to combat the parking issues.

Actions from the meeting are  as follows:

  • Residents Parking Card Scheme

  • Meeting with Translink and Students to encourage bus instead of car

  • Car Parking Strategy for City – contacting Council to look at offering reduced rates for students and workplaces

  • Roads Service to look at the possibility of double yellow lines and bollards at entrance of the streets to stop cars parking on corners and on pavement

“We will be calling with residents to discuss the possibility of a parking card scheme. If you are interested and we have missed you, please contact any of our local councillors and we will call with you.