Council approves £40K towards Crisis Intervention Service – Cllr. McCallion

Sinn Féin Councillor, Elisha McCallion has welcomed approval by Council of £40,000 towards provision of a Mental Health and Drug Abuse Crisis Intervention Service.

Councillor McCallion said:elisha new head shot 2014 2

“I am pleased that Council has accepted my proposal for funding towards a Crisis Intervention Service and granted a sum of £40,000 towards this much needed service.

“Currently we are seeking other funders to ensure that this project is put on solid foundations and I would encourage other agencies and organisations interested in addressing the growing problems around Mental Health issues and Drug Abuse to come forward with whatever support whether it be financial or other resources that they can provide.

“I believe that there is huge goodwill in the community towards tackling these issues as each of us are touched by them, be that through personal experience or a relative, friend or neighbour. It is essential that collectively we do everything in our power to support those affected by these issues.”