Council asked to back memorial for city’s ‘political giants’

Sinn Féin is to propose that Derry City & Strabane District Council explore options for commemorating the city’s ‘political giants’ Martin Mc Guinness and John Hume.

Commenting ahead of tabling the proposal before next week’s full Council meeting, Sinn Féin Council Group leader Sandra Duffy said it was important that the city recognises the contribution that both men have made to peace and prosperity here.

Cllr. Duffy added: “It is only fitting that the huge contribution made by Martin and John is recognised in their native city.

“Their efforts in pursuit of peace as well as social and economic justice are recognised across the world as evidenced by the eulogies paid to them after their passing.

“The scale of their contribution can never be overestimated and again that is clear to see from the reverence that both men are held in across this city so we are hopeful that other parties will join us in backing the motion to recognise and acknowledge these two political giants of our time.”

Appealing directly to unionist parties, Cllr. Duffy added: “Whilst I know that there are some within the unionist community who might hold a different viewpoint, both Martin and John continuously reached out the hand of friendship to all and it is my sincere hope that their contribution to peace can now be recognised by all in this city.”


Full text of the Sinn Féin Motion:

That Derry City & Strabane District Council explore all options, both internally and with outside agencies, including Executive Departments as to how the City can recognise and acknowledge, two international political giants and sons of Derry City, Martin Mc Guinness and John Hume, for their the political, social and economic contribution to this City and to the Island of Ireland.

In particular Derry City & Strabane District Council recognises their contribution to the Peace Process and commits to putting in place an appropriate recognition of their contribution.