Creggan to get new bus shelters – Campbell

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has welcomed confirmation from the Council  that two new bus shelters will be installed at Iniscarn Road and Eastway (Upper end).And a consultation will take place with residents in Creggan Heights to get their  views on proposals for a shelter on that route.

Councillor Campbell said “I welcome the news that these new bus shelters are going to be introduced at Iniscarn Road and Eastway.

“The bus shelters are currently being constructed and it’s hoped that they may be installed before the Christmas break. This will be dependent on the time it takes for manufacturing and the workload of the installer.

“Consultation letters are also to be sent to residents living in close proximity to a proposed shelter at Creggan Heights.

“These new bus shelters will make life more comfortable for those residents of the area who depend on public transport to get around. It will also be of special benefit to the youth of the area who must stand out in the open in all-weathers waiting for school buses.

“We have received complaints from parents and grandparents of children from the area that in bad weather they were going into school soaked to the skin even before they started the school day and that is not what we want in 2018.