Criminals targeting homes in Grangemore/ Ard Grange -Burke

Sinn Féin Councillor Tina Burke has urged residents and business owners in the upper Creggan Road area of the city to be on the alert following a number of attempted break-ins in the area over the weekend.

Councillor Burke said

“I would urge residents in the Grangemore, Ardgrange and Cashlemore areas to be vigilant. There have been a number of attempted break-ins and people spotted trying doors and patio doors in the area over the weekend.

“These criminals are looking for cash, small electrical items such as laptops, mobile phones, jewellery and in some cases medication.

“I would appeal to residents if they are leaving their home for even a short space of time that they always lock their windows and doors, back gates and if they have valuable garden tools and machinery that they are securely locked up at night”

“If you see suspicious activity around a neighbour’s house, particularly if there is no one at home, call the police.

“Your home or business could be next.”Attachments area