“Criminals will not deter us” McCartney MLA

Commenting on the overnight arson attack on the Derry Sinn Féin constituency office at Ráth Mór, Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney said that the Party would not be

deterred from delivering a first class Constituency Service to the people of Derry by a bunch of criminals intent on destruction.DSC_0131

Raymond McCartney said:

“Although these criminals succeeded in causing some damage, it was confined to one room. I want to reassure people that the room which houses the Book of 

Remembrance to the many people who contributed to the republican struggle in every decade since the twenties did not suffer any damage.

“It says much for the mentality and motivation of the criminals who carried out this attack that they would attempt to destroy a Centre that contains so many pieces of remembrance dedicated to those who gave of themselves selflessly.


“But Sinn Féin will not be deterred in our work on behalf of the people of Derry and it is business as usual at all our constituency offices in Derry today, including the office 

at Ráth Mór.” CRÍOCH/END