Cross-border cooperation needed to address Lenamore Road safety -Sinn Féin

Inishowen Sinn Féin councillor Jack Murray has raised concerns regarding the Lenamore Road, near Muff and has said that increased traffic there – along with a number of hidden dips – has caused worry amongst local residents.

sandra duffy

Cllr Murray met on site with Shantallow based Sinn Féin Councillor, Sandra Duffy, to seek a cross-border solution to the problem,

Speaking after meeting, Cllr Murray said;

“In recent weeks, myself and Sandra Duffy had been contacted by residents in both Derry and Donegal who were concerned about the increasing traffic on the road and the dangers arising from hidden/blind dips on the Lenamore Road.

“We committed to looking at the situation and to working with the relevant authorities on both sides of the border to address the problem.

“As the one party in Ireland which represents people both north and south, Sinn Féin’s representatives are the only people who can make a real impact on cross-border issues.

“I have raised the problem with the local roads engineer while Sandra has committed to working with Transport NI . I am hopeful now that we can secure a positive outcome.”