Death driver targeting Ballyarnett and Culmore areas

Sinn Féin Councillor  Sandra Duffy has again condemned those who are using the back roads of city for death driving, particularly around the Ballyarnett and Culmore areas.

Councillor Duffy said “Local residents  have been in contact with me over the past few weeks very concerned about the increase in this activity.

They have told me  that they have experienced many of these death drivers at first hand with one young mother  who was left terrified after she was nearly run off the road early in the morning.

These vehicles are not only stolen vehicles but cars that are being bought cheaply on the internet and used specifically for the this purpose. They are not taxed or insured and the drivers have no regard for other road users never mind their own safety.

We have previously seen tragic accidents on these dangerous roads and I would appeal to the drivers of these vehicles to stop.

 I would also appeal to those who sell these cheap cars to young people to check with them what the car is going to be used for and please use your common sense if you feel that car might be used in this way, after all you wouldn’t  want an accident on your conscience.

As a local councillor I will also be in touch with the police again about these incidents and ask that they step up their response to these incidents.