‘Department living in denial over Universal Credit impact’ – McCartney

The offensive decision to order cakes celebrating the roll-out of Universal Credit shows the Department for Communities is living in denial over its impact of benefit cuts on vulnerable people, Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney has said.


The Foyle MLA was commenting after his party officially complained to the department after it spent over £1000 on 40 cakes to celebrate the introduction of Universal Credit.


He said: “I consider this action as evidence the department has little understanding how offensive this ‘celebration’ will be to those who have suffered hardship with the introduction of Universal Credit.

 “Real people are suffering real consequences as a result of Universal Credit and other benefit changes.

 “That is not something to be celebrated, it is something to be challenged and amended. That is the message which we have been consistently taking to the department but decisions such as this show they are living in denial as to the impact of welfare cuts on vulnerable people.”