Deportations a result of Brexit xenophobia’ – McCartney

Sinn Féin’s Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney has blamed a climate of Brexit-inspired xenophobia is responsible for a spike in the deportations of EU citizens from Britain.

raymond mccartney
raymond mccartney

he said:“Over 5,000 EU citizens have been forced to leave Britain since the Brexit vote.

“The record number of deportations is further evidence of a spiralling climate within British politics of rising xenophobia, racism and anti-immigrant sentiment in recent years.

“The hardcore anti-immigrant rhetoric of the Tories, DUP and UKIP in the pro-Brexit camp is directly responsible for a spike in hate crime and these deportations.

“As Westminster sits to discuss the rights of citizens in the EU, the right-wing political establishment in Britain must take note of the impact their own rhetoric has on the lives of migrants and minorities.”