Derry emergency rally in solidarity with Palestine

Ógra Shinn Féin in Derry is to hold a solidarity rally in the city tomorrow night Tuesday


Speaking today chairperson Michael McCrossan


“The situation in Gaza is once again at crisis point. Millions worldwide are protesting against the slaughter happening there.


We have seen in recent day’s dozens of protests and rallies right across Ireland and throughout the world.


“Hundreds of Palestinians are dead; thousands have been injured; thousands have sought refuge; hundreds of buildings including hospitals, schools and homes have been destroyed by Israeli bombs.


We are asking people from Derry, Donegal and Tyrone to gather with us on Tuesday 22nd July at 7pm at Free Derry Wall in order to send our solidarity to the people of Gaza and Palestine and to also show our anger and opposition to the continued slaughter that the Israelis are carrying out on the Palestinian people.


We will proceed from Free Derry Corner, up Fahan Street towards the Diamond, down Shipquay Street and into the Guildhall Square.


We ask people of all ages to attend and to encourage young people and children to bring a toy to the event with a message attached that can be left at the Guildhall to highlight the slaughter taking place, quite often on young children.


Invite friends, family and all to attend so that we can send a very clear message from the North West of Ireland the attacks on Gaza must stop and justice for the Palestinian people must be served.