Derry SF elected reps in letter contact Spanish PM to respect democracy

Sinn Féin’s elected representatives in Derry, including the MP, MEP, MLAs and Councillors, have written to the head of the Spanish Government, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, to find a political solution to Catalonia’s legitimate claims and to stop threats to Mayors and democratically elected members of the Catalan Government.
Sinn Féin will hold a solidarity rally at Free Derry Wall this Saturday at 3.00pm

Karen Mullan MLA said:

“In recent days we have seen a gross infringement on the right of the Catalan people to self-determination.

“Myself and other Sinn Féin elected representatives today wrote to the head of the Spanish Government, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, expressing our concerns at events which have took place in recent days.

“In order to shut down the historic people’s referendum, the Spanish authorities have responded with raiding government offices, arresting officials, issuing massive fines, threats of legal action to hundreds of elected representatives, and the withdrawal of credit to the Government of Catalonia.

“For any resolution to be reached, the Spanish government must end this unjust interference and harassment immediately. Images of Guardia Civil seizing ballot boxes do not reflect well on any democratic state.

“This is coercion, plain and simple. It is also an attempt to subdue the passion for self-determination held by the people of Catalonia. The massive demonstrations organised in response to Spanish interference is evidence of this.

“We, as elected representatives, urge the Spanish government to respect the freedom of assembly and the right of the Catalan people to democratically determine their future.”