Derry’s charge point network in urgent need of improvement – Anderson

Sinn Féin MLA Martina Anderson has said electric car charging points in Derry and across the north are in need of ‘drastic improvement’.

The Foyle MLA said:   

“Electric vehicle charging points in Derry and across the north are in need of major improvement with many now out of service across the north. 

“A recent survey by an electric vehicle group found that a staggering 58% of people have considered returning to petrol or diesel as a result of these issues. 

“This is concerning and a sign that we’re moving in the wrong direction if we want to improve our environment and cut carbon emissions.  

“Sinn Féin have written to the Infrastructure Minister asking that she assists the Electric Supply Board (ESB) with replacing broken charging points, including those located in Derry. 

“It is vital that our electric transport system is properly maintained, as well as upgraded and expanded, in order to prepare the north to fully embrace sustainable transport.” ENDS/CRÍOCH