Development of a Youth Zone and Youth Council -McGinley

Derry Sinn Féin Councillor Eric McGinley has welcomed the issuing of Council tenders for the development of a Youth Zone and Youth Council.

Councillor Eric McGinley

Cllr. McGinley said: “As we approach Youth 19 it is important that we make progress towards the creation of an environment that allows children and young people to flourish.   As part of PEACE IV we have an opportunity through these tenders to develop concepts and ideas around the shape and nature of a Youth Zone and Youth Council.

“Children and young people have an instrumental role to play in this process and the scope of the tenders will actively encourage their participation.  

“Youth 19 will be an exciting year for the council’s younger population and it is to be hoped that the tenders now being advertised will also represent a significant step forward in bringing about the introduction of a Youth Council and the development of an innovative Youth Zone.