Disappointment at rejection of planning application for Glen social housing and new community centre

Sinn Féin Councillor Eric McGinley has expressed his deep disappointment at the decision of the SDLP, DUP and Independent Councillor Warren Robinson to reject a planning application for social housing and a new community centre in the Glen.

Cllr. McGinley said: “The decision to reject this application will be met with disappointment and concern by the many residents of the area who were so looking forward to the development of Creggan Burn.

“The delivery of social housing would have helped to keep young families together who wished to stay within or return to the Glen area and the new community centre with its own youth wing would have also increased the opportunities for our children and young people.

“Despite this significant disappointment Sinn Féin will continue to work with the residents of the Glen area in our efforts to improve the quality of life for this community.”