‘Disgusting’ policy should be scrapped immediately’ – McKnight

Sinn Féin Councillor Caoimhe McKnight has branded the controversial two child benefits policy and associated rape clause as ‘disgusting’ and called for it to be immediately scrapped.21740182_10155831763034345_6927344507578814069_n1

Speaking following protests which took place in Derry and Belfast today in opposition to the policy, she commented :

“The two child tax credit cap is a direct attack on low-income families being pursued by Theresa May’s government, aided and abetted by the DUP.

“Not satisfied with its onslaught on people with disabilities, the poor, single parents and young people through austerity policies and previous benefit cuts, the Tory government has now sunk to a new low, even by their standards, with this crude attempt at social engineering and its associated rape clause.

“Under this abhorrent clause, women can be exempted from the cap if they can prove their third or subsequent child was conceived as a result of rape. This involves going through a dehumanising and degrading process, which is a gross violation of their civil and human right to privacy.

“This disgusting clause and the two child cap fundamentally undermine the protections which the benefits system is supposed to provide. They should be scrapped immediately.”