Dissident sectarian threat against protestant man working in Creggan condemned

Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell has slammed criminal gangs for issuing sectarian threats against a 64 year-old man involved in community work in the Creggan area. 

He said “There is shock in the local community on hearing news of these threats by a dissident grouping against a protestant man doing a day’s work.

Creggan is a welcoming community and people of this area will not stand for any sort of sectarian or racists threats no matter where they come from.

This blatant sectarian threat has no place in our city and must  be condemned outright.

The sectarianism, which perpetrates such actions, is a scourge  in our society. It is blight on the societal and political landscapes of the North of Ireland.

Sectarianism is the antithesis of Irish Republicanism.

The treat against this man needs to be lifted and those groups at war with the community disbanded.