Domiciliary care workers must be provided with adequate PPE – Anderson

Domiciliary care workers must be provided with adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in order to protect themselves, their families and the vulnerable people they care for, Foyle Sinn Féin MLA Martina Anderson has said.

Martina Anderson was commenting after being contacted by a number of domiciliary care workers anxious about the lack of equipment being provided to them.

She said: “I have heard many deeply concerning stories of carers across Derry having to go to extreme lengths to be provided with masks. Some carers have even had to resort to making their own or purchasing them at great expense in order to protect against the spread of Covid-19. This is unacceptable.

“These carers are a key part of our front line to protect some of the most vulnerable and isolated elderly people in society. Their vocation means that every day, they enter homes and walk into the unknown in order to provide the best care they can. Equally, they may be carrying the unknown into vulnerable people as some people carry the virus with no symptoms.

“We must leave no stone unturned in order to stop the transmission of this deadly virus and to protect our domiciliary care workers, their families and those they care for in Derry.

“Domiciliary carers need to be provided with proper PPE including masks so they are equipped for any and all eventualities.”